Sunday, January 24, 2010

I learned to play chess at the age of 12 during the summer of ‘72 against the background of the Fischer Spassky World Championship Match. I joined the USCF in late ‘76 and played in my first rated tournament in January of ‘77 achieving an initial rating of 1243. In 1985 I achieved my peak rating of 1913. During the ensuing twenty-five years I have drifted up and down within roughly 100 points of 1700. Regardless of method, amount or subject of my chess studies, my journey towards improvement in this enjoyable hobby leaves me feeling like the Wayfaring Fool of Chess.

I will turn 50 later this year and would like, even at this later stage of life, to achieve a new peak rating and preferably one that starts with a 2. To that end I intend to outline a program of study, practice and tournament play that will allow me to realistically pursue that aim.